5 benefits of lithium ferro phosphate battery

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What is a lithium ferro phosphate battery? 


lithium ferro phosphate battery or LFP is a type of lithium-ion battery with a cathode material, a graphite electrode, and an anode metallic backing. It can be used in vehicles, backup power, and utility-scale stationary applications.

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lithium ferro phosphate battery


What are the benefits of lithium ferro phosphate batteries?


  • Guaranteed longer life span 

More than any other battery, lithium ferro phosphate battery has a longer lifespan. In comparison, Lithium-ion batteries have 4000 cycles while lead-acid batteries have 100-200 cycles before the battery’s performance declines. 

On the other hand, lithium ferro phosphate battery has a cycle of 3000+ life before the decline starts to drop to 80% of the original capacity. Even after the slight lower in capacity, it will function well.

  • Faster charging 

Lithium ferro phosphate battery typically takes 1-2 hours with AC power and 3-6 hours using solar panels while charging. It is important to note that the actual charging duration is considered by several factors like the battery capacity, method of charging, and current. 

Additionally, more methods of charging include electric vehicle stations, DC car chargers, AC wall outlets, and solar panels.

  • Wide range of operating temperatures

LiFePO4 batteries have a range from -4F to 140F operating temperatures. The temperatures allow better performance in different climatic regions from extreme hot to cold conditions. Further, it is important to maintain the optimum temperature to increase the longevity and efficiency of the battery. At Yuyang New Energy, we recommend storage temperature from 68F to 86F which is an optimum operating temperature. 

  • Environmentally friendly 

Due to their longer life span as mentioned earlier, lithium ferro phosphate battery is manufactured with an eco-friendly feature, whereby, they can be recycled even after wearing out. Further, they do not contain toxic and heavy metals as compared to other batteries, therefore making lithium ferro phosphate batteries environmentally friendly. 

  • Affordable maintenance  

In comparison to the other batteries, lithium ferro phosphate battery does not require water level and electrolyte maintenance. It is important to keep an eye on voltage, charge, and discharge levels which is very easy to check. 

  • Safety 

lithium ferro phosphate battery is much safer to use as compared to the other batteries. Technologically, they are preferred because they are safe and do not produce toxic gases. The electrolyte used is non-flammable, therefore making the battery safe for storage, garage, and vehicle operations. 


lithium ferro phosphate battery


Frequently asked questions on lithium ferro phosphate battery


  • Are lithium ferro phosphate batteries good for the environment?

Yes, lithium ferro phosphate battery is considered environmentally friendly since they do not contain heavy and toxic metals, do not produce toxic fumes, and can be recycled.


Conclusively, at Yuyang New Energy Co., Ltd, we value our customers since we are dedicated to providing the best quality lithium ferro phosphate battery. For any inquiries about our products please contact us, Our support and marketing staff is always available for 24/7 service.


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