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48V 100AH Forklift LiFePO4 Battery
51.2V 100AH Forklift LiFePO4 Battery

Upgraded Lifepo4 Forklift Battery

With the development of electronic technology, the situation of the battery industry has been rising, lifepo4 forklift battery after nearly ten years of development, has now entered a period of rapid growth, forklift lithium battery has fast charge advantages, clean operation, is free from water and other maintenance advantages have become an important factor for users to choose.

Electric Vehicles and Transportation

Before the power lithium battery has not been widely used, lead-acid batteries have been the main power source of industrial vehicles, especially electric forklifts, with the rapid development of new energy battery technology and the decreasing cost of power lithium batteries, the sales and ownership of electric forklifts continue to increase, and the battery market configured by it is also quietly changing. The current forklift battery has developed from the previous lead-acid battery to the lithium iron phosphate battery.

Lead-acid battery to the lithium iron phosphate battery

Widely used in electric scooters, golf carts, trolleys, electric lawnmowers, RV and so on. At present, our company’s lifepo4 forklift battery has several advantages.

1. High-performance BMS connected to the inverter, wide performance range.
2. Strong: Use strong batteries.
3. Safety: Intelligent battery protection system.
4.IP65 grade, corrosion resistance.4. Intelligent monitoring: Support Bluetooth APP, can also quickly charge.

The lifepo4 forklift battery has the characteristics:

The lifepo4 forklift battery has the characteristics
  1. Lighter weight, smaller volume and high-temperature performance
  2. Very safe, with no explosion, collision no fire
  3. Strong resistance to over-discharge and strong charge retention
  4. Strong charging acceptance and fast charging ability
  5. Maintenance-free, no acid or water is required for maintenance in use
  6. Large capacity and long life for all high-power output applications
  7. Environmental protection, non-toxic, no pollution, no rare metals.
  8. Small self-discharge, low-temperature discharge performance is good
  9. Excellent high current discharge performance, especially when starting and climbing


If you are interested in the detailed technology of our lifepo4 forklift battery, please contact us to provide you with a customized high-performance energy storage system suitable for your golf vehicle battery needs.

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