The Undeniable Importance of Lithium Battery for Solar Power Storage

Have you decided to install solar panels for green energy? If you are unaware of how they work, a solar panel gathers solar energy and converts it into current. The direct current goes to an inverter, which is translated into an alternating current, which is known as electricity.

Solar batteries are an integral part of the converting system. It stores the energy rather than sending it to the national grid. As a result, you have more energy stock for nights or gloomy days when the sun is not making an appearance. Here is everything you need to know about the lithium battery for solar power storage.


Higher DoD

A lithium battery for solar power storage has a higher depth of discharge. With so many options in the market, one must understand their storage capacities. Depth of discharge or DoD is the amount of energy a battery has. Most say the attribute is called the health of the battery.

For example, if a manufacturer claims it has a 95% DoD, it means the user must consume 95% of its energy before it needs to be recharged again. A lithium battery has a Depth of Discharge of 80%, meaning you do not need to refill it often. Compared to 50% DoD in acid-lead batteries, the higher percentage is a game changer.


Longer life span

Secondly, a lithium battery for solar power storage has a long lifespan as well. The batteries provide longer use compared to other options in the market. The longer useful life is primarily because of a higher DoD. It does not need to be recharged often, so the elements are not frequently tampered with by the user.

The more you charge the battery, the shorter its lifetime becomes. Lithium batteries have a minimum life of 10 years. In other words, it translates to 10,000 cycles. Whichever timeline is completed first, the battery ceases to store energy.

lithium battery for solar power storage

Efficient charge rates

In addition, a lithium battery for solar power storage has high charge rates. Other options in the market, such as lead-acid batteries, are infamous for being high-maintenance. Consistent or high use damages the battery internally. As a result, its lifespan is reduced.

A lithium battery has no troubles. They will continue to operate despite a large amount of conception. The battery regulates current intake and leads to excellent results in a short charge time. The inconsistent use does not harm the battery either. It is a safe investment that you can utilize for almost a decade before thinking of purchasing it again.



Lastly, a lithium battery for solar power storage is budget-friendly. Even though there are expensive options, the residential batteries do not cost an arm and a leg. However, when you compare the prices to the lead-acid batteries and other options, you are in for a shock.

A lithium battery is a healthier investment in the long run. It does not need to be replaced often. Furthermore, the batteries do not need regular maintenance. Lithium batteries save time and money. Furthermore, you are not constantly running to the repair shop for servicing.


The Takeaways

A lithium battery for solar power storage will help you get the most of the latest solar panels. It is reliable, efficient, and durable. You will notice its evident results in the long run when it is consuming less money. You can contact YuYang Energy for battery-related consultation. The firm is incredibly involved with the clients and their storage systems.


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