How Long Does LIFEPO4 Battery 100Ah Last

LifePO4 battery has emerged as one of the leading batteries thanks to its great lifecycles and reliability. LifePO4 battery 100Ah has become so common thanks to its use in various aspects of our lives, including home energy storage, car and solar batteries, etc. But the most asked question is, “How long will a LifePO4 100Ah last?” This article answers this question and teaches you how to calculate its longevity.


How Long Does LIFEPO4 Battery 100Ah Last?

LifePO4 100Ah battery lasts anywhere between half an hour to 5-days. However, the said period depends on various factors that we will discuss later in this section. This is how to calculate the longevity of a 100Ah LifePO4 battery. Let’s use this 51.2V 100Ah battery from Yuyang New Energy as an example to calculate its runtime.

  • Voltage (V) x Ampere hours (Ah) = Battery capacity (Wh)
  • A 51.2V 100Ah LifePO4 battery when fully charged, can output 51.2V x 100Ah =5120Wh

So, if you are using solar with a power consumption of 300W, then it will become 5120Wh/300w =17 hours. So, your solar can run continuously for 17 hours before needing recharging.


The main factor that affects its longevity is the load. The lower the load, the longer the running time, and vice versa. For instance, it will take approximately 1.2 hours for a 1000W load to drain the LifePO4 100Ah battery, whereas a 10W load will take up to 5 days to drain the battery. So, the bag plays a major part in determining how long this battery will last.

 LifePO4 battery 100Ah

Factors determining how long a LIfePO4 battery 100Ah lasts

Though we have already mentioned load as a vital consideration factor, other factors also contribute to the longevity of a 100Ah LifePO4 battery.

  1. Battery Capacity

Ideally, the battery capacity determines the lifespan of this product. All batteries have their capacity listed in Amp-hours, i.e., Ah, and in our case, we are talking about the 100 Ah LifePO4 battery. A higher battery capacity guarantees a longer run time if all factors remain constant. This means that when you use a LifePO4 battery of 100Ah instead of 50 Ah, its runtime is twice.

  1. Type of battery

The type of battery in use also plays a major role in determining how long a 100Ah battery lasts. Though the battery capacity can be similar, the battery model may vary because of the battery’s DoD (Depth of Discharge). So, let’s use this DoD factor to compare the two batteries.

The DoD of lead acid batteries is about 50%. This means before you charge the battery again, you will get half of the running time. For lithium batteries, in this case, the best example is LifePO4, which has a DoD of above 80%. This makes it the best deal, as you will get the entire runtime.

  1. Battery condition

This is another ideal consideration factor as it will help you understand how long the LifePO4 battery lasts. Now, LifePO4 batteries have more than 5000 life cycles. If the battery in use is new, it will last as stated. But this condition starts deteriorating with time.

Ideally, it all depends on maintenance. If not properly maintained, the battery can start deteriorating even after a year. But, if maintained properly, it can achieve its running time as expected.

Other factors affecting how long your LifePO4 battery 100Ah lasts include the discharge rate and temperature. Generally, a discharge rate (C-rate) is often rated 1C. Also, temperatures below -10 degrees Celsius halve the battery’s running time.



From the factors above, there are numerous reasons why you should opt for a LifePO4 battery 100Ah. The main difference exists in its run time if compared with lead acid. Yuyang New Energy offers a warranty of up to 5 years. This is a guarantee you are dealing with quality. So, get in touch!


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