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48V 100AH Golfcart LiFePO4 Battery
51.2V 100AH Golfcart LiFePO4 Battery

Energy Storage Batteries Designed for Motor Vehicles-Lifepo4 Golf Cart Battery

We are Guangdong Yuyang New Energy Co., Ltd. is specialized in lithium battery energy storage systems, and commercial and household new energy photovoltaic power generation projects, located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Our products cover lithium battery cells, lithium battery packs and controller systems, solar inverters, solar panels, general inverters, UPS related systems. From the system design, on-site service, equipment installation, construction supervision, after-sales service and other one-stop service.

The company is based in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, providing lithium and new energy products, power systems, high-quality on-site services, solar project delivery and supply one-stop services.

Now, let’s understand the lifepo4 golf cart battery used in low-speed tricycles, logistics vehicles, golf carts, sanitation trucks, patrol cars and electric motorcycles.

Our lifepo4 golf cart battery features:

1.Large current output current temperature protection device battery pack safety

2.Long cycle life High cycle life of the battery pack, DOD (≥1800 cycles to 85%DOD)

3.In line with the value concept of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection

4.This lifepo4 golf cart battery includes:

72V/30AH/40AH/60AH/70AH/75AH/80AH/100AH/125AH/140AH/180AH。Total energy storage (KWH) can be as high as 12.96KWH. It can fully guarantee the operation of motor vehicles.


5.Communication includes our company’s high voltage lithium battery built-in compatible with several mainstream lithium batteries and inverter communication protocols SMBus, RS485, RS232.


For more detailed technical information about our lifepo4 golf cart battery, contact our energy storage experts now to create your own customized golf cart battery energy storage system solution. Welcome to “disturb” us!

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