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409.6V 100AH High Voltage Cube LiFePO4 Battery

High-Quality Cabinet Type Lithium Battery Pack

Guangdong Yuyang New Energy Co., Ltd. is mainly committed to providing users with high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery products, tailor-made for home energy storage batteries. Renowned in the industry, we can according to customer needs, mass production, and according to customer requirements, according to customer requirements, provide customers with high-quality, efficient permanent storage equipment. The company with its exquisite technology and expertise, provides customers with high quality and high-quality products.

To meet custom energy storage needs, we offer a wide range of innovative products. Our cabinet-type lithium battery pack can be connected to home, commercial and industrial Spaces. This allows us to provide efficient and reliable power solutions for a wide range of applications. We usually make the lithium battery pack into an energy storage cabinet series, which can form a high-voltage lithium battery pack.

Home energy storage

We use this one for home energy storage: the energy stored typically comes from on-site solar photovoltaic panels generated during the day, as well as stored electricity consumed after sunset, when the energy demand of uninhabited households reaches its peak during the day. We can also transmit electricity to the grid through inverters so that we can achieve the effect of “buying electricity” to make money.

Industrial energy storage

When we use this model for industrial energy storage: we can put a single high voltage lithium battery module,4pcs、8pcs or more in series together to form a UHV high voltage lithium battery module. The voltage can be as high as 400V, and even several clusters of cabinets can be connected in parallel to achieve higher voltages. Whether renewable energy devices or off-grid installations, our industrial high-voltage lithium batteries provide reliable and long-lasting performance, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted power supply.

Commercial energy storage

When we use this high voltage lithium battery group for commercial energy storage: Our high voltage lithium battery group provides customers with a new way to store energy. Our products can help companies save electricity in office buildings or power plants, improve energy flexibility, and help protect the environment.


Contact us, and let our R&D personnel and engineers tailor-made for you a set of your own UHV storage cabinet. To help solve your electricity needs.

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