Yuyang New Energy 5Kw off grid Inverter 5Kwh Lifepo4 Battery Storage System In Nigeria

Nigeria Household Energy Storage Power Supply Solution

Has a country southeast in West Africa, Nigeria. And our batteries for house power were the customers know there. In 2023.5.30 number. Our 3 5 KWH and off-grid inverter, eight 51.2 V – 150 – ah home half a piece of lithium battery and 36 pieces of 540 w monomer component be born in Nigeria, a customer in the villa, Formed a set of high-configuration “lithium-ion battery for solar power storage system”.


Yuyang New Energy


Customer requirements:

①、The power can reach 61 KWH, the battery fully use time 24 hours, at the same time use the rice cooker (400 w), a refrigerator (110 w), the television (350 w), microwave oven (700 w), lighting lamps and lanterns (300 w), and other electrical equipment added up to 2500 w

②、In the case of batteries for house power dead, solar energy to power a battery pack. Can also in the case of sufficient electricity to the grid power supply in order to achieve an energy-saving effect to make money.

③、Easy to monitor the battery information, and facilitate mobile, communication perfectly. Batteries can keep the same charge and soc


Yuyang New Energy


The Final Solution:

①、8pcs51.2 V150AH lithium iron phosphate battery pack in parallel, energy storage can be up to 61.4 kWh. Match 3 sets of 5 kw inverter and off-grid use. The “family power batteries used in full charge of cases, can let the total power reach 2500 w electrical work for 24 hours

②、Host sit vertical design, landing chassis with four pulleys, easy to move. Communication interface: second cells (including RS485, CAN, and RS232). Built-in LED display, can display information of lithium-ion batteries. Product quality guarantee period for 5 years.

③、The upper connected photovoltaic panels, the complete output can reach 19.44 Kwh energy. The formation and off-grid “model,” “at the time of batteries can make pv slabs” household lithium rechargeable battery “. When solar energy storage power lithium battery “enough”, photovoltaic panels for lithium battery, can be “household battery inverter” charging ways: change to the grid power supply. So as to achieve the cost.


Yuyang New Energy


Why Choose Yuyang

Where we have a special installation team and good after-sales service. We are a professional engaged in lithium-ion battery energy storage research and development, production, sales, and service in the integration of custom manufacturers. The company has more than 10 senior r&d staff from world-famous new energy enterprises and has rich experience in industry application development, a one-stop solution for guests. Products passed the UN38.3, CE, MSDS, CQC, IEC, and a series of international authoritative certifications.


The same goods, we then quality; The same quality, our price is; The same price, we then are service, we make products, good services, satisfy the customers. Do your family power battery?


Contact us now stored energy expert, an exclusive energy storage system can obtain customized solutions. Welcome to come to us!


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