Yuyang New Energy 10Kw hybrid Inverter 15Kwh Lifepo4 Battery Storage System In South Africa

“Energy storage battery+inverter+photovoltaic panelSolve your demand.


2021.2.12, we installed South Africa, Zimbabwe “Yuyang New Energy” of the

independent research and development of the production of solar Energy storage systems. The installation of the energy storage system, including 5pcs 10.24 Kwh wall-mounted lithium-ion batteries, 3 sets of 10 kw “Galaxy” inverter, and 10 kWh photovoltaic panels. As shown in the figure below


10Kw hybrid Inverter


Customer requirements:

  • the power can reach 2 KWH, the battery fully uses time 24 hours, using four, fans and light bulbs and other product demand, the total capacity of 1500 w – 2100w.
  • because of the limited space, facilitate setting, and facilitate the monitoring and

maintenance, security and stability, and long service life.

  • can the battery pack under the condition of no electricity, using solar energy to power the battery pack?


The solution:

  • : Five2 V100AH lithium iron phosphate battery pack in parallel, energy storage can be up to 51.2 kWh. Match three 5 kw inverter grid is used.
  • : the host ground wall design, make full use of the space structure. Product quality guarantee period for 5 years
  • : the upper connected photovoltaic panels, output can reach 10 KWH energy completely. The form is “net” and pattern allows photovoltaic slabs when batteries charging the battery pack.


10Kw hybrid Inverter

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